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International TA Sessions Quiz Answers

How well do you know UW students?
Quiz answers

  1. Students were required to take four years of high school math and science to prepare them for university coursework: FALSE
  2. Around 70% of first-year undergraduate students live in University-affiliated housing: TRUE 
  3. All students must declare their major by the end of their first year at UW: FALSE 
  4. 80% of full time students complete their undergraduate degrees in four years: FALSE
  5. Approximately 70% of entering freshmen are residents of Washington State: TRUE
  6. Students who are refused admittance to the UW are not permitted to transfer to UW later on: FALSE
  7. About half of all entering first-year students register for a Freshman Interest Group – a pre-packaged cluster of high-demand first-year courses: TRUE
  8. The average GPA for undergraduates is 2.5 (midway between a “B” and a “C”): FALSE
  9. Regardless of their major, students at UW are required to take courses in academic writing, humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science: TRUE
  10. Approximately 90% of undergraduate students are between the ages of 18 and 22: FALSE