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Frequently asked questions

FAQs about TA Program registration

FAQs about TA Program registration

Registration opens at noon on Tuesday, June 21, and is open throughout the program. Beginning June 21, you will be able to register for workshops on the TA Program registration page. When a workshop has filled, it’s filled: we are unable to add new sessions. So please register early to get into your first choice of workshops. Registration for the program will close at 9 AM on Thursday, Sept 15.

Find the registration confirmation email for your workshop and click on the “change registration” or “cancel registration” buttons.

If you didn’t receive an email confirmation:

  • Check your email spam or clutter folders.
  • Contact us at for assistance. Please include:
    • Your name
    • The workshop you registered for
    • The email address you used when registering

If you entered an incorrect email address you will not receive a registration confirmation. Please contact for assistance. Be sure to include your full name, the workshop you registered for, and your UW email address.

Instructions for setting up a UW email account are on IT Connect’s Email and Calendaring page. Additionally, contact your Department to check about your UW Email and, if necessary, request your department to provide a sponsored UW Email.

All workshops take place online in Zoom or Canvas. Please check the workshop’s registration confirmation email for the location URL.

Open a private/incognito browser and past the Zoom link into the URL. This should prompt a UW log in portal which should bypass any other Zoom accounts you may be logged into.

FAQs about the TA Program

FAQs about the TA Program

The TA Program takes place every September. For the dates of this year’s program, please visit the TA Program homepage.

This year the TA Program will take place online in synchronous (Zoom) and asynchronous (Canvas) sessions.
The International TA sessions will be offered synchronously on September 16, 1:15-4:00.

Program workshops are designed for UW graduate students, including those who are:

  • New to teaching
  • Experienced at teaching, but new to UW
  • Experienced at teaching at the UW, but are preparing for a different kind of TA role than they have held before

Workshops are facilitated by experienced graduate teaching assistants and other instructors from departments throughout the University. Workshops are designed to provide a forum for discussing effective teaching, allowing participants to raise questions and concerns, and to interact with workshop facilitators and fellow graduate students.

No. There is no fee for attending the program.

The Center for Teaching & Learning does not mandate attendance, but some departments do require their graduate students to participate in workshops at the TA Program. Check with your department to see if you are required to attend.

If your department requires you to participate in the TA Program and you are not able to, please notify your department.

Department events take precedence over the TA Program. You are invited to attend as much of the program as possible at those times when workshops do not conflict with department meetings or events. Please check in with your department if you are required to attend the TA Program and it conflicts with departmental meetings or events.

Synchronous TA Program workshops take place once a year, so graduate students should plan to attend in September even if their appointments don’t begin until winter or spring quarter. The TA Program also offers Canvas sites that are open throughout the 2022-2023 year to accompany the September workshops. TAs who would like to find more teaching support after September can also engage with our monthly workshops and events.

Any graduate student is welcome to attend the TA Program–with or without a TA appointment. You are also welcome to attend the program in future years.

Departments email their TAs to let them know about the program, what workshops the department recommends, and how to register.

No. TA positions are awarded by graduate departments and programs. To learn more about TA-ships at UW, including how to find and apply for a TA position, visit the Graduate School’s Assistantships page.

The International TA sessions are offered on the first day of the TA Program. For more information, see the International TA sessions page.

The Graduate School requires all TAs who speak English as an additional language–except those who received a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution–to participate in the International TA Sessions. For more information about the requirement, see Graduate School Memo 15.

For other questions, please contact