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Call for Proposals

Nov. 16 – Jan. 27

The UW Center for Teaching & Learning invites all UW faculty, staff, postdocs, and graduate students to share their innovative, evidence-based teaching practices or research at the 2023 UW Teaching & Learning Symposium.

We welcome proposals focused on any aspect of teaching and learning, but especially encourage proposals that explore this year’s theme of Sustainable Teaching. The concept of sustainability has the potential to inform our teaching in exciting ways. It might lead us toward practices that better support the well-being of students and instructors. It might focus our efforts on strategies that sustain student interest and make learning “stick.” Or we might use the concept to explore green practices that reduce the impact our teaching has on the planet.

Proposal submission process

Proposals must be submitted through the proposal submission form and address the criteria outlined below.


  • Project question: What instructional challenge are you trying to better understand or solve?
  • Context: What are the relevant characteristics of your instructional setting: course, type of students, instructional issue, etc.?
  • Methods: What methods and/or strategies are you using to explore your research question?
  • Impact/Assessment: What is the impact of this project on student learning, and how do you know?
  • Application: What can instructors in other disciplines learn from this project and how might your findings be applied in other instructional contexts and disciplines?

Attendees at the Symposium come from a diverse array of educational and disciplinary backgrounds. Please limit your use of disciplinary jargon where possible and write with a general audience in mind.

Submit a Proposal

Teaching & Learning Showcase

Accepted proposals will be featured in the 2023 Symposium Showcase, a digital gallery that celebrates innovative, evidence-based, learner-centered, reflective teaching projects at the University of Washington. Use this link to view an example of how your proposal will appear in the Showcase. Sample Showcase Page

*NEW* Conversations on Teaching & Learning Panel

Symposium proposal reviewers will identify 3-4 outstanding proposals and invite those educators to participate in a live, in-person panel conversation about their teaching projects following the keynote. To be considered for this event, be sure to indicate your interest in the Proposal Submission Form.

2023 Symposium Timeline

  • (UPDATED Deadline) January 27, 2023: Proposal submission form open
  • March 3, 2023: Acceptance notifications sent
  • April 11, 2023: Symposium Showcase opens
  • April 18, 2023: Symposium Panel and Symposium Keynote