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Frequently asked questions

This year’s TA Program will kick off with synchronous sessions over Zoom.

Using Zoom at the TA Program

How do I log in to Zoom?

  • First, check to make sure that you are using the latest version of the Zoom app, and signing in with your UW NetID.
  • UW-IT has detailed, step-by-step instructions for downloading and signing in to Zoom on your computer using your UW Net ID. You will sign in with “Standard” (not “HIPAA”) version of Zoom.
  • If you are new to Zoom, or to logging in to Zoom with your UW NetID, we recommend downloading and trying to log into Zoom with your UW NetID as soon as possible so that you can troubleshoot.

I am trying to log in to Zoom but am having issues. What can I do?

  • Make sure you download the latest version of Zoom. Using the latest version of Zoom will solve a number of login issues.
  • Make sure that you are signing in to UW Zoom with your UW Net ID. You will not be able to enter your sessions unless you are logged in with your UW Net ID.
  • If you are attempting to log in to the Opening or Closing plenaries: these have an extra layer of security. You will receive a separate email from Zoom on Wednesday asking you to “register” on Zoom for these sessions. Make sure to do this additional registration, and then you can easily enter the plenaries. If you received multiple invites, please note: you only need to do this confirmation once per plenary.
  • If you are still having trouble using Zoom, please email

Where do I find the Zoom links I need for my sessions?

  • Each session at the TA Program has its own Zoom link.
  • Find the links for your sessions by signing in to your TA Program registration page. Find the confirmation code to log in to your registration page, and then you’ll see your links there.

Can I use the Zoom application on my phone or tablet for the TA Program?

  • Many sessions will ask you to have an additional application open in addition to Zoom (for example, Poll Everywhere or Canvas). This is much easier to do on a laptop or computer than on a tablet or phone.
  • We recommend you use a laptop or computer to participate in the TA Program.

FAQs about TA Program registration

What if I want to modify or cancel my TA Program registration?

You can modify or cancel your registration on the TA Program registration website.

  1. Go to the TA Program registration website.
  2. Click on the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your UW email address and registration confirmation number to access your Confirmation page.
  4. From your Confirmation page, scroll down to the Modify Registration or Cancel Registration buttons.

How do I find my registration confirmation number?

You should receive an email with your confirmation number when you register for the TA Program.
You can also:

  1. Go to the TA Program registration website.
  2. Click the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  3. Enter your UW email address and click the Send Confirmation Number link.
  4. The registration system will send your confirmation number to the email address you registered with.

What if I didn’t receive a registration confirmation email?

If you didn’t receive an email confirmation:

  • Check your email spam or clutter folders.
  • Contact us at for assistance (please include your name, UW NetID, and your UW email address).

What if I entered my email address incorrectly when registering for the program?

If you entered an incorrect email address you will not receive a registration confirmation.  Please contact for assistance. Be sure to include your full name, UW NetID, and UW email address.

How do I set up a UW email account?

Instructions for setting up a UW email account are on IT Connect’s Email and Calendaring page.

Where is the location information for my workshops?

All workshops are located on Zoom. The Zoom links for specific sessions can be found after September 5 on:

  • In your registration confirmation email, and
  • On your Confirmation page in the TA Program registration system.

To get to your Confirmation page, go to the registration site:

  1. Click the Already Registered link at the top of the page.
  2. Enter your UW email address and registration confirmation number to access the Confirmation page.
  3. On the Confirmation page, scroll down to Your Agenda.
  4. Click the workshop titles to view descriptions and location information. Zoom meeting URLs will be posted September 14.

The TA Program session I enrolled in was cancelled, but my department requires me to attend the TA Program. What do I do?

We have sent a message to all UW Graduate Program Advisors & Coordinators (GPAs/GPCs) to let them know about these cancelations. If someone in your department asks if you are enrolled, please let them know that the TA Program is mostly full and that some sessions have been cancelled. You’ll have access to materials from the cancelled sessions on the TA Program Materials & Resources page on the morning of Sept. 17.

  • The Opening & Closing Plenary sessions are full. Can’t the enrollment cap be raised?
    No. Zoom Webinar only allows us 500 participants per plenary. However, the sessions will be recorded and the recordings will be posted on the TA Program website before mid-October. Check back on our TA Program webpage then.
  • Why can’t you just increase enrollment for other TA Program workshops?
    Research on how graduate TAs & faculty prefer learning about teaching is clear: peers. TA Program workshops are led by advanced UW graduate students. For the first time ever this year, TA Program workshop are offered on Zoom. Usually have no trouble finding 35-40 stellar, experienced TAs to facilitate sessions. This year we have 16 session facilitators instead of 35, for pandemic-related reasons. The lives of faculty, staff educators, and graduate students have, of course, been upended by COVID-19 as well as by the pandemic of systemic racism that preceded COVID-19 by 500+ years and continues. These pandemics land unequally. That is, we’re all in this, but we’re not all in this together.

    When we moved the TA Program to be remote, we capped our smaller workshop sessions at 50. TAs usually lead lab, quiz, or discussion sections that have a class sizes around 25-30 students. Plus 50 people in a classroom and 50 people in Zoom = not the same teaching. We would have had to double or triple these workshop sizes to accommodate all students.

  • If my workshops were canceled, am I no longer enrolled in GRDSCH 501?
    If you are already enrolled in GRDSCH 501, you’re staying enrolled. Those enrolled whose TA Program sessions were cancelled can participate in one or two asynchronous sessions before Sept. 30. Please don’t worry. The process hasn’t changed. But we have 16 session facilitators instead of 35, for pandemic-related reasons, and we had to cancel sessions.

FAQs about the TA Program

  • When does the TA Program take place?
    The TA Program takes place every September.  For the dates of this year’s program, please visit the TA Program homepage.
  • Where does the TA Program take place?
    • This year the TA Program will take place online in synchronous and asynchronous sessions.
    • The International TA Sessions will be offered synchronously via Zoom (September 16, 1:15-4:00).
  • Who should attend the TA Program?
    Program workshops are designed for UW graduate students, including those who are:

    • New to teaching
    • Experienced at teaching, but new to UW
    • Experienced at teaching at the UW, but are preparing for a different kind of TA role than they have held before

Workshops are facilitated by experienced graduate teaching assistants and other instructors from departments throughout the University. Workshops are designed to provide a forum for discussing effective teaching, allowing participants to raise questions and concerns and to interact with workshop facilitators and fellow graduate students.

  • Can I earn academic credit for participating in the TA Program?
    Please visit our GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation page to learn more about earning academic credit for taking GRDSCH 501 in Autumn Quarter.
  • Is there a fee for attending the TA Program?
    There is no fee for attending the program. However, if you register for GRDSCH 501: TA Preparation, you may or may not incur tuition costs.  Tuition costs depend on the number of credits you’re enrolled for already, whether you’re a full-time or part-time student and other factors. For information about tuition costs, please check with your department.
  • Am I required to participate in the TA Program?
    The Center for Teaching & Learning does not mandate attendance, but some departments do require their graduate students to participate in workshops at the TA Program. Check in with your department to see if you are required to attend.
  • What should I do if I can’t attend?
    If your department requires you to attend TA Program workshops and you are not able to, please notify your department.
  • What if TA program workshops conflict with department events scheduled for the same day or time?
    Department events take precedence over the TA Program. You are invited to attend as much of the program as possible at those times when workshops do not conflict with department meetings or events. Please check in with your department if you are required to attend the TA Program and it conflicts with departmental meetings or events.
  • If I miss the program sessions in September, can I attend another workshop later in the year?
    Synchronous TA Program workshops take place once a year, so graduate students should plan to attend in September even if their appointments don’t begin until winter or spring quarter.  The TA Program will also offer a 1-2 asynchronous sessions throughout the 2020-2021 year to accompany the September workshops.
  • What should I do if my TA appointment is not yet finalized?
    Any graduate student is welcome to attend the TA Program–with or without a TA appointment. You are also welcome to attend the program in future years.
  • How are new graduate students informed of the TA Program?
    Departments email their TAs to let them know about the program, what workshops the department recommends, and how to register.
  • How do the International TA Sessions fit into the TA Program?
    The International TA sessions are offered on the first day of the TA Program. For more information, see the International TA sessions page.
  • Who is required to participate in the International TA Sessions?
    The Graduate School requires all TAs who are not native speakers of English, except those who received a Bachelor’s degree from a U.S. institution, to participate in the International TA Sessions. For more information about the requirement, see Graduate School Memo 15.

  • For other questions, please contact