Center for Teaching and Learning

Information for departments

Informing your TAs about the TA Program

The CTL utilizes the Graduate School’s Graduate Program Advisers and Coordinators lists to share with departments information about the TA Program, notably when registration opens.  Departments will receive details that include an invitation which they can forward to their new TAs.


Registration for the program opens Monday, July 6, 2021.  TAs will register using an online registration system.

Please note:

  • There will be one registration period, open throughout the program.
  • Once a workshop is filled, it’s filled: additional sessions will not be added.
  • Please encourage your students to register early to get into their first choice of workshops.

Department workshop recommendations

Some departments recommend specific workshops for their TAs to attend. If you would like to recommend workshops, please do so in the email you send along with the program invitation.  For more information about which workshops will be offered and at what times they will be offered, please see our workshop descriptions and program schedule pages.

Student participation

CTL does not take attendance at the TA Program.  We will not be able to tell you if your students participated in workshops.

At your request, we can provide a list of students in your department who registered for the program.  Please note:  Registration will be open from early July to September 20 and students may modify their registration at any time.

Important dates for 2021

  • Tuesday, July 6: TA Program registration site opens
  • September 16 – September 28: Asynchronous workshops are available on Canvas
  • Friday, September 17 (1:15-4:00): International TA Sessions will take place on Zoom
  • Monday, September 20 (9:00-5:15): Plenary and workshops will take place on Zoom


For questions and information, please contact