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2019 poster contest finalists & prize recipients

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 15th Annual Teaching & Learning Symposium poster contest!  The Symposium selection committee chose six finalists based on the appearance and content of their posters. Three of the six finalists received cash prizes for the appearance, content, and presentation of their work. Check out their work below. Congratulations!

2019 prize recipients

2019 contest finalists

Poster #9:  Team Teaching Models for Professional Development and Peer Learning
Kristin Gustafson, SIAS, UW Bothell
Amy Lambert, SIAS, UW Bothell

Poster #11:  Setting the Tone: Why Asking for Pronouns Isn’t Enough
Vern Harner, Social Welfare, UW Seattle

Poster #15:  Teaching Squares at UW Tacoma: How Cross-Disciplinary Peer Observations Improve Teaching
Jutta Heller, SIAS, UW Tacoma
Cynthia Howson, SIAS, UW Tacoma
Jacob Martens, SIAS, UW Tacoma

Poster #34:  Genome Hackers: A Near-Peer, Interdisciplinary Approach Towards Teaching Computer Science
Chiann-Ling Cindy Yeh, Genome Sciences, UW Seattle
Andria Ellis, Genome Sciences, UW Seattle

Poster #43:  A Collaborative Approach to Defining Essential Undergraduate Biology Competencies
Alexa Clemmons, Biology, UW Seattle
Jerry Timbrook, Sociology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jon Herron, Biology, UW Seattle
Alison Crowe, Biology, UW Seattle

Poster #51:  Active Enough? Assessing the Impact of Screens in Active-Learning Classrooms
Ian Schnee, Philosophy, UW Seattle
Ben Marwick, Anthropology, UW Seattle

What makes an effective poster presentation?

Visit the Teaching & Learning Symposium poster contest page for a complete list of criteria used to evaluate submissions.