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FAQ for Nominees

Selecting materials

Where do I find the checklist of required documents needed to submit a complete packet?

The checklist and accompanying documents are here: “How to submit supporting materials.”  Please follow instructions for the award you are nominated for.

Who contacts students, faculty, and staff to request letters of support?

Nominees may reach out to these individuals directly and/or ask a colleague to contact and gather supporting letters.

I have more than three students writing letters of support. How do I select which letters to include?

Only three student letters are accepted for your nomination packet. Consider asking students who can speak to different strengths and teaching contexts of the instructor.

Submitting materials

How do I access the Google drive folder to upload and submit my award materials?

Refer to the email you received with the subject line “Congratulations on your nomination!”  The email contains a direct and secure link associated with your UW NetId.  You will be required to sign in with your UW credentials. Note: The email is sent from  If you are unable to locate the email in my UW email inbox, please check your spam and junk folders.  If you are still unable to find the email, contact

Why am I unable to open my awards Google folder? (I see a message saying I need to “request access”)

We suggest opening the link to your folder in an incognito/private browser or different browser altogether.  If you are currently logged in to a personal (non-UW) Google account, it’s likely that Google tried to access the folder using this account

Who else will have access to my awards folder?

As you upload and submit materials, you will have access–and only through your UW NetID.  No other accounts or persons will be granted permission to access your awards folder.  Please note:  Christine Sugatan, CTL’s Program Administrator and awards manager, will have access to your folder.  Her access will appear as “dta.”

How long will I have access to my awards folder?

Until the deadline: Wednesday, January 20, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.  The deadline for all materials to be uploaded is final.  There are no exceptions and no extensions.

I’m located in China, and my access to Google products is intermittent, nonexistent, and/or risky.  How do I submit my complete packet?

Submit your materials as one PDF.  That is, all materials must be organized and in order as instructed in the checklist.  Please review the Teaching Awards Guide for complete details and instructions.

FAQ for those making a nomination

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