TfC UW uses Theatre of the Oppressed and other participatory theater methods to co-create spaces with UW collaborators that promote engagement in difficult dialogues, critical thinking, and taking action for change within UW.

What is interactive theater?

Interactive theater disrupts the traditional divide between actors and audience, both physically and verbally. Theatre of the Oppressed, a type of interactive theater, was developed by Brazilian theater practitioner and activist Augusto Boal and was greatly influenced by educator and philosopher Paulo Freire. Theatre of the Oppressed uses theater as a vehicle for promoting social and institutional change; the audience becomes activated “spect-actors” and engages in collaborative dialogue, reflection and problem-solving to transform their realities.

Why Interactive Theater?

Research shows that using interactive theater as a vehicle for institutional and faculty development can increase participant awareness of key social justice issues and enhance instructors’ knowledge and sense of self-efficacy as educators (Using Theatre to Stage Instructional and Organizational Transformation, Kaplan, Cook, Steiger, 2006).