Center for Teaching and Learning

TA Program Information for Facilitators (2020)

Facilitator information

TA Program facilitators from 2019 and 2020 will be contacted with an opportunity to facilitate workshops for this year’s TA Program. Details and related changes to format and schedule will be outlined in the invitation. There is no application process this year.


To facilitate a workshop at this year’s TA Program, you must:

  • Have experience as a graduate TA at the UW
  • Have attended a past TA Conference
  • Have facilitated a workshop at the 2019 or 2020 TA Conference
  • Participate fully in the workshop planning sessions
  • Be available during the TA Program (September 17 & 20)
  • Be enrolled as a graduate student for the autumn 2021 quarter

Important Dates for 2021

  • Call for workshop facilitators: Summer quarter
  • Workshop planning sessions: September (to be determined)
  • 2021 TA Program workshops: September 20, 2021

Program information

The TA Program aims to help prepare graduate students for their TA roles at UW by focusing on four goals:

  • Welcome TAs to UW teaching and learning communities
  • Provide TAs with specific strategies and practices that support their work
  • Connect TAs to campus resources that sustain them and their instruction
  • Assist TAs in developing questions about norms, practices, and resources within their departments

Workshops may have up to 50 participants and are facilitated by experienced graduate students, faculty, and staff from across campus.

For information about this year’s workshops, see the workshop descriptions page.

Facilitator role

We are looking for graduate students who have led TA Program workshops in 2019 and 2020, have TA experience, feel comfortable facilitating a workshop via Zoom, and are interested in helping new TAs develop their teaching and professional skills. Once selected, facilitators will indicate which workshops they are interested in facilitating.

CTL staff coordinate required workshop planning sessions for all facilitators in September. At these online sessions, facilitators will work together to review the goals of their workshop and plan content, materials, and activities for the workshop.

What you can expect of CTL

We will:

  • Provide resources and ideas to help you develop and implement your workshop(s).
  • Assist you with strategies for effective workshop design and facilitation.
  • Connect you in planning discussions with other TAs who are facilitating the same workshop.
  • Provide you with feedback from the TAs who participated in your workshop(s).
  • Send you a letter documenting your work with the program.

What CTL expects of you as a facilitator

Facilitators will:

  • Check your UW email and reply between August 1 – 7 about your proposed workshop assignments.
  • Participate in the Workshop Planning Sessions (September–date to be determined).
  • Facilitate the workshops assigned to you in ways that meet the session goals and guidelines (we’ll share lots of materials with you for this, including examples from past facilitators).
  • Allow a full 5 minutes at the end of your workshop for your participants to offer feedback.
  • Give us feedback on your experience as a facilitator.


Facilitators will receive compensation. Details will be provided in our invitation email.


For questions and more information about facilitating at the TA Program, please contact