Different types of TA appointments

At the University of Washington, teaching is defined as any interaction with students over instructional issues.  Appointments can include:

No matter what type of appointment you have, being a TA can be one of the most rewarding experiences you have during your time at UW.  To make certain you understand your role, confer with your faculty supervisor.  It can also be helpful to talk to other TAs who have had the same type of appointment, or who have been a TA for the same course.

Some questions you may have about your responsibilities may include:

  • What are the overall goals for your appointment?  In the case of leading a course, quiz section, or lab you want to consult with your supervising faculty member to make sure you both understand what goals you have for student learning.
  • Are you expected to attend all lectures?
  • Are there regular meetings with other TAs and/or the supervising faculty member?
  • Who is responsible for creating assessments (i.e. quizzes and exams)?
  • Who is responsible for exam review?
  • Who is responsible for grading homework? Quizzes? Exams? Papers?

It is best to establish the answers to these questions at the onset of the quarter.