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Feb 21 | Conversation: UW “Policy” on Participation and Attendance

Join a conversation with colleagues on UW’s institutional language on attendance and participation, particularly as it relates to student learning, equity, and accessibility.

Mar 4 | Introduction to Open Pedagogy

Join colleagues in an interactive exploration of the benefits, challenges, and transformative potential of open pedagogy assignments.

Mar 14 | Aligning your Course around Outcomes and Objectives

Join Brock Craft, Teaching Professor from UW’s College of Engineering, and Jillian Mullen from UW’s School of Nursing for an interactive session focused on practical strategies for developing measurable learning outcomes and objectives.

Apr 16 | Teaching & Learning Symposium

Faculty, staff, and students from all UW campuses are invited to come together at the annual Teaching & Learning Symposium.

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Join the conversation

Have questions about UW’s policies on attendance and participation? Join a critical conversation with a panel of faculty and staff colleagues about the current attendance language, particularly in light of the pandemic. Attendees will have an opportunity to offer feedback and suggestions for improving UW’s guidelines. Learn More