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Welcome New TAs!

Teaching@UW: Strategies for TAs welcomes incoming TAs to the UW teaching community and connects them to resources that support evidence-based teaching.

Annual resources for graduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) and instructors

Our annual “Teaching@UW: Strategies for TAs” resources include two components to support new TAs in their teaching journey:

Asynchronous learning opportunities in Canvas

This site includes interactive modules on:

  • Inclusive teaching
  • Active learning
  • Accessibility
  • Aligning lecture and section content (for quiz sections)
  • Course design and alignment (for those who teach as the sole instructor)
  • Teaching the first day of class
  • Teaching + AI
  • Fostering students’ mental health and well-being
  • Preparing for challenging moments
  • Resources for International TAs*

Live learning session on Zoom (September)

This 90-minute Zoom session features a panel of TAs, faculty members, and CTL colleagues sharing specific strategies and answering common TA questions. TAs who are unable to attend or who do not begin their TA-ship until Winter or Spring quarter can register for the Teaching@UW: Strategies for TAs Canvas site.

Registration Information: Autumn 2024

  • The 2024 live learning session on Zoom will take place from 9:00-10:30 AM on Wednesday, Sept 18. Registrants will have access to the Canvas site in early August.
  • Registration for the 2024-2025 academic year resources is now open!
  • TAs can register using a non-UW Gmail or Outlook email address, but will need to have a UW email account in order to access the Zoom session and Canvas site.
    • The department is responsible for ensuring that students have a UW email account and/or for creating a Provisioned account for students who do not yet have a UW email address.

Live Event + Canvas Registration

Canvas Only Registration

Is this required?

Some departments may require TAs to participate in one or both of these opportunities. TAs can check in with their department coordinator to find out about any requirements and deadlines.

*International TAs for whom English is an additional language can fulfill part 3 of Graduate School Policy 5.2 by completing the “Resources for international TAs” Canvas module. TAs should check in with their department coordinators to see if and by when they must complete this module.

Want to learn more?

Teaching@UW has a plethora of teaching resources available online. From preparing to teach the first class to building inclusive teaching practices, we offer practical strategies for TAs looking to strengthen their craft.

Explore teaching resources

The goals of the Teaching@UW: Strategies for TAs resources are to:

  • Welcome new TAs to UW teaching and learning communities
  • Introduce new TAs to evidence-based teaching strategies and practices
  • Connect new TAs to campus resources that can support and advance their teaching