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The UW Bothell Learning & Teaching Collaborative, UW Tacoma Office of Digital Learning, and UW Center for Teaching & Learning are part of a robust ecosystem of instructional support.  We work with faculty members, staff educators, instructional technologists, teaching assistants, graduate instructors, and post-doctoral students to advance teaching and learning initiatives that promote equitable and reflective instruction.

Future of Teaching and Learning Working Group

Established by the president and provost in 2023, this group of faculty, staff and students are tasked with exploring: 1) How UW teaching and learning practices should evolve to promote greater access to courses and materials, labs, clinical settings, and/or high-demand degree programs, and 2) How UW can develop means to promote, aid and assess efforts to maintain/improve instructional quality for ALL modalities of student learning.
Learn more about the Future of Teaching and Learning Working Group

Advisory Council for Technology-Enhanced Teaching (ACTT)

ACTT shares and disseminates ideas for how to support technology-enhanced teaching and learning during and beyond the pandemic.
Learn more about the Advisory Council for Technology-Enhanced Teaching (ACTT)

Tri-Campus Digital Learning Alliance

The Tri-Campus Digital Learning Alliance supports evidence-based digital learning across the UW’s three campuses by looking for ways to leverage the university’s resources and talent, reduce unnecessary duplication of effort, and elevate existing efforts to the broader UW teaching and learning community.
Learn more about the Tri-Campus Digital Learning Alliance