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Particular types of engagement

While the other engagement strategies on this site apply to all teaching contexts, some classes require particular strategies.

Teaching problem solving

Strategies for teaching problem solving apply across disciplines and instructional contexts. First, introduce the problem and explain how people in your discipline generally make sense of the given information. Then, explain how to apply these approaches to solve the problem.
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Leading quiz sections

Quiz sections provide students with an opportunity to dive deeper into their learning. Before TAs start to prepare to teach a quiz section, they should clarify what their role will be and the overall goals for the section.
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Teaching in labs

Labs provide students first-hand experience with course concepts and the opportunity to explore methods used by scientists in their discipline. TAs and instructors leading labs will need to know and review their department and/or supervising faculty member’s expectations for the experiment; plan clear explanations; and ask questions to stimulate student thinking.
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