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Center for Teaching and Learning

Spotlight: 2023 Teaching & Learning Symposium

This tri-campus event showcases UW’s vibrant teaching community and UW instructors’ new and exciting work in the classroom. April 11-18. Check out the symposium event schedule here.

students in class

Engaging students

Read about student-centered active learning approaches to instruction.

Upcoming Workshops

Mar 16 | Designing an Accessible Syllabus

Explore ways to construct more accessible syllabi that contribute to the development of inclusive learning spaces.

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Apr 4 | Supporting students’ aspirations: Integrating career-relevant outcomes into your teaching

Learn about strategies and see examples from UW faculty that model how to incorporate career competency work into your teaching.

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Get inspired: Innovative teaching and learning at UW

2022 Teaching Awards recipients

Congratulations to this year’s Teaching Award recipients: Samuel Jaffee, Marcus J. Johnson, Ines Jurcevic, Adam Leaché, Mikelle Nuwer, and Kristin Privitera-Johnson. We are honored to have such wonderful instructors among us!

Helping Students Re-engage

Pandemic disruptions have caused many students’ engagement muscles to atrophy. This year students may need a bit of “PT” – not physical therapy, but pedagogical therapy to help them rebuild those muscles. Explore Strategies to help them re-engage in the classroom.

Accessible Teaching Strategies

Help students succeed in your course with these accessible teaching strategies.