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TA Program

September 17 & 20, 2021

The TA Program on Teaching and Learning is designed to help graduate students prepare for their roles and responsibilities as teaching assistants (TAs) at the UW.

Program goals:

  • Welcome new TAs to UW teaching and learning communities
  • Provide new TAs with specific strategies and practices that support their work
  • Connect new TAs to campus resources that sustain them and their instruction
  • Assist new TAs in developing questions about norms, practices and resources within their departments

Opening Plenary

Graduate Teaching Assistantships at the UW – What You Can Look Forward To

The opening plenary offers graduate students the opportunity to learn more about their roles as TAs, identify UW resources and policies, and hear from faculty and experienced TAs.


Workshop are led by experienced graduate students, faculty and staff from departments throughout the University and are designed to provide a forum for discussing effective teaching. They also allow participants to raise questions and concerns they might have, and to interact with workshop facilitators and fellow graduate students.

Topics include:

  • Teaching in Lab Settings: First Day and Beyond
  • What if? Preparing for Challenging Moments
  • How do students learn? Applying the research
  • Teaching Tools For Engagement
  • Canvas 1

And much more! Visit our workshop descriptions page for details.


Participants include graduate students who are new to their roles as TAs, and experienced TAs who are taking on new teaching roles. Graduate students are welcome to attend the program as many times as they wish over the course of their graduate careers.

Important dates for 2021

  • Monday, July 26: TA Program registration site opens
  • Friday, September 17 (1:15-4:00): International TA Sessions will take place online
  • Monday, September 20 (9:00-5:15): Plenary and workshops will take place online


The TA Program is organized by the Center for Teaching and Learning in partnership with Learning Technologies.

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