Teaching & Learning Symposium

April 19-26, 2022

Faculty, staff, and students from all UW campuses are invited to come together at the annual Teaching & Learning Symposium. This year’s theme is humanized teaching.

Humanized teaching is about bringing our whole selves into this work… Bringing our humanity into the classroom means showing up fully present, discussing and integrating the world as it is, and integrating how we can address this world’s challenges with our skills and approaches.

Ariana CantuLecturer, UW School of Social Work

Keynote presentation

“Not gonna let the elevator bring us down”: Strategies for Cultivating Collective Wellness

Students come to the academy wrestling with many of life’s big questions: What is the key to happiness? How can I make a meaningful contribution? Today’s students are struggling with these questions in a context heightened by racism, xenophobia, a global pandemic, and class and political divisions. Educators can help students explore how these issues impact our roles in a changing world. The academy tends to avoid the topics of wellness and mental health, but teaching wellness for what Thich Nhat Han refers to as our collective ‘inter-being’ can be a meaningful part of students’ development. What kinds of support do students need to be well and to show up well in their work and lives? And what is our responsibility as educators to cultivate wellness concepts in classrooms?

Ariana Cantu, lecturer, UW School of Social WorkCantu’s title includes a lyric from Prince’s song, “Let’s Go Crazy.” As Cantu explains, “‘Let’s Go Crazy’ has helped ground me in the reality that I have a choice. Either I focus on all the negative…or I choose to see the connections, the possibilities, the good in a world that is complex. Teaching from that place has tremendous possibilities to help us re-center.”

Join Ariana Cantu, lecturer in the UW School of Social Work, in exploring some learned strategies for collective wellness in our teaching practice.

Presentation sessions

Discover new teaching and learning approaches developed by UW faculty, staff, and graduate students. Explore 28 video presentations and connect with presenters online.

Symposium Presentations

Symposium schedule

12:00-1:00 PM


“Not gonna let the elevator bring us down”: Strategies for Cultivating Collective Wellness
Ariana Cantu, lecturer, UW School of Social Work,

2:00-2:30 PM

Presentation session 1

  • Asset-based teaching
  • LinkedIn Learning in the classroom
  • Online introduction to library research
  • Using Robot Operating System (ROS) in remote learning
  • Using Zoom for experiential learning

2:40-3:10 PM

Presentation session 2

  • Integrating at-home research in labs
  • Intersectional and inclusive STEM learning
  • Play and communal celebration
  • Polyvocality through an Indigenous Studies lens
  • Promoting learning with student-produced lectures

3:20-3:50 PM

Presentation session 3

  • Digital scholarship as community practice
  • From zine to online gallery
  • Gender responsive pedagogy
  • Hybrid learning in studio courses
  • Labor-based grading
  • Resilient course design

4:00-4:30 PM

Presentation session 4

  • Collaborative approaches to decolonial teaching
  • Compassion as pedagogy
  • Cultivating creativity and engagement
  • Human-centered design for large courses
  • Research lab curriculum with tutorials
  • Supporting student agency at home
  • Using animated documentary film

April 19-26

Asynchronous presentations

  • Curriculum launch during remote instruction
  • Fairness visualization tools in machine learning courses
  • Hybrid contract grading for TAs
  • Make-up labs in undergrad courses
  • Reflective learning: Pairing the jigsaw method with learner created content


The UW Teaching & Learning Symposium brings UW faculty, staff, and students together to:

  • Build conversation and community around teaching, learning, and related research
  • Highlight research and practices that advance student learning
  • Promote reflection, innovation, and collaboration in teaching


The Symposium is hosted by the Center for Teaching and Learning and co-sponsored by:

  • Office of the Provost
  • Graduate School
  • UW Libraries
  • Undergraduate Academic Affairs
  • Academic Technologies
  • Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity
  • Simpson Center for the Humanities


Please email teaching@uw.edu.