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Evidence-Based Teaching Program

New program takes place autumn 2022 – spring 2024

Welcome to the new EBT!

We’re excited to relaunch EBT as a 2-year long fellowship where instructors design and implement a research project to increase student retention and success. Through active engagement in a learning community, EBT fellows will spend the first year on exploration and research design and the second year on implementation and outreach.


The application deadline for the 2022-2024 EBT fellowship has passed and we are no longer accepting applications.


  • Foster an ongoing cross-disciplinary teaching community
  • Deepen understanding of evidence-based, learner-centered pedagogies
  • Develop and implement pedagogical strategies that increase retention and success rates, particularly for underrepresented students
  • Provide faculty members with opportunities to contribute new research and develop professional accomplishments in teaching scholarship

2022 Cohort theme: Group work

The 2022-2024 EBT fellows will ask questions and look for strategies to make group work more effective and accessible in their classes.


Fellows make a 2-year commitment to the community and should expect to spend approximately 15-20 hours of work each quarter in synchronous, online meetings, reading, and discussion. Fellows receive a $2000 stipend after the successful completion of the two-year program.

About the change

CTL leadership and former EBT coaches designed the new program based on feedback from prior EBT participants, coaches, and campus stakeholders. Good conversations and assessment data led us to envision the new program goals.