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Evidence-Based Teaching Program

The Evidence-Based Teaching Program (EBT) offers collaborative peer support, as well as support from teaching and technology consultants, in cross-disciplinary groups facilitated by UW faculty.

There are two EBT formats: synchronous (Zoom) and asynchronous (Canvas). Both are interactive. Faculty participate in discussions, observe peers in their classrooms and learn what research says about effective teaching. They also experiment with new approaches and explore ways to conduct classroom-based research.

Support for remote instruction

  • Explore contemporary research on closing gaps between teaching and learning
  • Develop effective approaches for teaching anywhere
  • Receive peer and CTL/Learning Technologies support while implementing new approaches and using new tools

The EBT Program consists of three phases

Phase I: Exploration

Explore current research on best teaching practices.
Develop course redesigns and/or research on teaching projects.

Phase II: Implementation

Receive support while implementing course redesigns or conducting research.

Phase III: Research

Design research studies and collect data on the effectiveness of implemented strategies on student success.

What are the benefits of joining EBT?

  • Improved teaching and student outcomes
  • A community of peers invested in re-envisioning their teaching and supporting one another
  • Mentorship from instructors across campus who use best practices in their teaching
  • Opportunities to advance as a leader in teaching and learning at the UW

Important dates for 2021

Who participates in EBT?

Over 261 UW instructors from 89 departments have participated in the program, and 21,000+ students have taken EBT-informed courses.

261 instructors from 89 departments have participated and 21,000+ students have taken EBT-informed courses.

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