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Evidence-Based Teaching Program

The Evidence-Based Teaching Program (EBT) offers collaborative peer support, as well as support from teaching and technology consultants, in cross-disciplinary groups facilitated by UW faculty.

Faculty participate in synchronous Zoom groups that meet four times a quarter, observe peers in their classrooms, and learn what research says about effective teaching. They also experiment with new approaches and explore ways to conduct classroom-based research.

Support for remote instruction

  • Explore contemporary research on closing gaps between teaching and learning
  • Develop effective approaches for teaching anywhere
  • Receive peer and CTL/Learning Technologies support while implementing new approaches and using new tools

The EBT Program consists of three phases

Phase I: Exploration

Explore current research on best teaching practices.
Develop course redesigns and/or research on teaching projects.

Phase II: Implementation

Receive support while implementing course redesigns or conducting research.

Phase III: Research

Design research studies and collect data on the effectiveness of implemented strategies on student success.

What are the benefits of joining EBT?

  • Improved teaching and student outcomes
  • A community of peers invested in re-envisioning their teaching and supporting one another
  • Mentorship from instructors across campus who use best practices in their teaching
  • Opportunities to advance as a leader in teaching and learning at the UW

What is expected of participants?

Participants attend four one-hour Zoom meetings a quarter.

Important dates for 2021

Who participates in EBT?

Over 261 UW instructors from 89 departments have participated in the program, and 21,000+ students have taken EBT-informed courses.

261 instructors from 89 departments have participated and 21,000+ students have taken EBT-informed courses.

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