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Advisory Council for Technology-Enhanced Teaching

The purpose of the Advisory Council for Technology-enhanced Teaching (ACTT) is to create a network to discuss strategies for online and technology-enhanced teaching with colleagues across departments, colleges, and campuses and continues to focus on these topics after our return to in-person classes.

This council emerged as a product of conversations between the Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) and Learning Technologies (LT) about how to fortify support for online teaching for departments during the COVID-19 pandemic, including those without dedicated staff to assist with remote instruction.


  • Discuss observations and strategies for online and technology-enhanced teaching with colleagues from other departments, colleges, and campuses
  • Share feedback on how to improve support for online and technology-enhanced teaching at the University of Washington
  • Strengthen connections between UW departments and the teams that centrally support technology-enhanced teaching
  • Cultivate awareness of resources offered by CTL, LT, and their partners, including evidence-based practices for teaching online or in person
  • Identify and address emergent issues at the intersection of teaching and technology
  • Additionally, members of the ACTT function as ambassadors between their home departments and the CTL/LT teams to provide departmental-level guidance on technology-enhanced teaching.

Executive Sponsors

Penelope Adams Moon, director, Center for Teaching and Learning

Nate McKee, director, Academic Technologies, Academic and Student Affairs

Philip J. Reid, vice provost, Academic and Student Affairs

Karin Roberts, director, Teaching and Learning Systems, UW-IT


Salwa Al-Noori, associate teaching professor, Division of Biological Sciences, UW Bothell

Morgan Bell, instructional development specialist, Learning Experience, UW Continuum College

Dave Coffey, instructional technologist/service manager, UW Learning Technologies, Academic & Student Affairs, ACTT facilitator

Lacey Colleran, director, Health Sciences Administration

David Cornwell, senior design and integration specialist, Academic Technologies, ACTT facilitator

Colleen Craig, associate teaching professor, Chemistry, Academic & Student Affairs Teaching Fellow

Julie Dalessio, associate teaching professor & director of Academic Affairs, Department of Speech & Hearing Sciences

Joyce Dinglasan-Panlilio, associate professor in Chemistry and chair, Science and Mathematics Division, School of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Tacoma Campus

Joel Felix, senior associate director, Health Systems and Population Health, School of Public Health

Robyn Foshee, service manager, Teaching and Learning Systems, UW-IT Data and Applications, ACTT facilitator

Kimberlee Gillis-Bridges, teaching professor & director of Computer-Integrated Courses, English

Lauren Graham, assistant teaching professor, Psychology

Ranjini Grove, associate teaching professor, Statistics

Deborah Hathaway, director of learning and teaching, Office of Student Academic Success, UW Bothell

Alex Hill, assistant teaching professor, Anthropology

Luna Huang, assistant teaching professor, Materials Science & Engineering

Rania Hussein, assistant teaching professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Darcy Janzen, director, Office of Digital Learning, UW Tacoma

JungHee Kim, associate teaching professor and Korean language coordinator, Asian Languages & Literature

Melissa Knox, associate teaching professor, Economics

Beth Lytle, instructional technologist, UW Learning Technologies, Academic & Student Affairs, ACTT facilitator

Adri MacArthur, technology support manager, Information Technology, UW Bothell

Yanko Michea, director of information and learning technologies, College of Education

Mikelle Nuwer, associate teaching professor, School of Oceanography

Randy Orwin, assistant director for Learning Technologies, Information School (iSchool)

Andrea Otáñez, associate teaching professor, Communication

Jillian Pintye, assistant professor, Department of Biobehavioral Nursing & Health Informatics

Selma Powell, teaching professor, College of Education & director, Special Education Teacher Education Program

Christine Savolainen, course coordinator, lecturer part-time, Department of Biology, ACTT facilitator

El Schofield, associate director of instructor development, Continuum College

Neria Sebastien, director of Technology Enhanced Learning, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Walter Walsh, associate professor, School of Law

Perry Yee, senior online learning support manager, University Libraries

Wei Zuo, instructional consultant, Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)

Previous Members

John Compton, director of Digital Strategies, Evans School of Public Policy & Governance

Mihaela Giurca, instructional consultant, Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL) and affiliate faculty (English)

Katie Malcolm, associate director, Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)
and affiliate faculty (English)