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Teaching Awards

UW Teaching Awards

The Distinguished Teaching Award and Excellence in Teaching Award are among the highest teaching recognition at the University of Washington. This page offers information about the Distinguished Teaching Awards (Seattle campus), the Distinguished Teaching Awards for Teams, and the Excellence in Teaching Awards. 


Award review committees will select recipients for these awards based on the degree to which they exemplify and provide evidence of:

  • An iterative, reflective teaching practice with evidence of pedagogical experimentation and refinement over time
  • Commitment to inclusive teaching and mentoring and valuing students’ experiences
  • Dedication to creating transformative learning experiences that foster deep reflection and critical inquiry
  • Service as a mentor, collaborator, and consultant on teaching-related matters to other faculty and/or teaching assistants: for individual awards
  • Using collaboration to enrich the learner experience and the UW teaching community: for team awards


  • Distinguished Teaching Award for Teams: for instructional teams (2-5 people) from any UW Campus
  • Excellence in Teaching Awards: for current graduate TAs and graduate instructors at UW in Seattle
  • Distinguished Teaching Awards (Seattle campus): for current faculty members at UW in Seattle
  • Distinguished Teaching Award (UW Bothell): see the UW Bothell Distinguished Teaching Award
  • Distinguished Teaching Award (UW Tacoma): see the UW Tacoma Distinguished Teaching Award
Nominations for the 2023 Teaching Awards are now open! Nominate an outstanding graduate student TAs/instructor, faculty member, or instructional team. Members of UW Bothell and UW Tacoma can find nomination information on their campus pages.
Nominations must include the following:

  • Your name and UW email address
  • Nominee’s first and last name
  • Nominee’s UW email address
  • Nominee’s school/college and department
  • Nominee’s title (e.g. Assistant Professor, Associate Teaching Professor)
  • A description of how the nominee has demonstrated the award criteria

Nominations for all awards are due Nov. 15, 2023.

Nominate an outstanding graduate student, instructional team, or Seattle campus faculty member today!

Submit a nomination

  • Previous winners are ineligible.
  • Recipients must be employed at UW in Spring 2024.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted for Seattle campus awards.
  • Nomination Period: October 2 – November 15, 2023


Who do I contact for questions about these awards?

  • Seattle campus Distinguished Teaching Award, Excellence in Teaching Award, and Distinguished Teaching Award for Teams:
  • UW Bothell Distinguished Teaching Award:
  • UW Tacoma Distinguished Teaching Award: