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CTL staff


Penelope Adams Moon, Ph.D., director

Affiliate Associate Professor, History
Affiliate Associate Professor, School of Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (UW Bothell)

Penelope Adams Moon draws on prior experience as a department chair, tenured professor, teaching professor, adjunct instructor, and TA to help faculty of all ranks and disciplines grow in their teaching practice. Her primary goal as CTL director is to collaborate across the UW to develop resources and learning experiences that promote reflective, inclusive, learner-centered teaching. Moon earned a bachelor of fine arts from Saint Mary’s College (Notre Dame), a master’s in Art History from Vanderbilt University, and a doctorate in History from Arizona State University. Her scholarly interests include in peace history and American Catholic history. She is particularly interested in digital learning, inclusive pedagogies, and teaching first-year learners.

Katie Malcolm, Ph.D., associate director

Affiliate Assistant Professor, English

Katie Malcolm’s research focuses on a range of teaching and learning subjects that include building inclusive classes, creating accessible online courses, and assessing writing. She facilitates department-wide conversations with UW faculty members, staff educators, and graduate TAs on these and other teaching topics, and helps lead CTL’s programs for new and experienced faculty and TAs. She is an affiliate faculty member in English.

Instructional Consultants

Mihaela Giurca, M.A., instructional consultant

Affiliate Assistant Professor, English

Mihaela Giurca works with the UW teaching community on evidence-based online, hybrid, and on campus instruction. She has a wealth of experience teaching international students and faculty development courses, training tutors, and mentoring teaching assistants. Giurca expands the capacity of the CTL to support departments, programs, staff, faculty, and graduate instructors in building and sustaining equity and access in online and traditional learning spaces.

Carolyn Levy, Ph.D., instructional consultant

Affiliate Assistant Professor, Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Carolyn Levy works with the UW teaching community to advance inclusive, equity-minded, and evidence-based teaching and learning. Levy holds advanced degrees in both History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and she has experience as a researcher, instructor, postdoctoral fellow, TA, and community organizer. She expands the CTL’s capacity to support all UW instructors in building a more equitable and inclusive campus.

Wei Zuo, Ph.D., instructional consultant

Affiliate Assistant Professor, English

Wei Zuo consults with departments, programs, staff, faculty, and TAs across campus. Earning advanced degrees in economics, education, & English, Zuo has also completed certificates in the Foster School of Business and Evans School for Public Affairs. She’s taught English in the UW English Language Program and New Oriental School. She has also taught Chinese at Seattle Pacific University and Fudan University. Her research and professional experience has focused on work with international students, first-generation college students, and students from underrepresented groups. Zuo expands the CTL’s capacity to work with instructors across campus on equity and diversity in teaching and learning. Learn more about Wei’s work here.


Will Darling, communications specialist

Will Darling develops and distributes communications content that advances the CTL’s teaching and learning initiatives. He leads the CTL team members through a communications plan rooted in bell hooks’ theory of working from the margin to the center (PDF). Darling comes to the CTL from a background in community organizing, visual design, journalism, and teaching.

Jacob Huebsch, program operations specialist

Jake Huebsch oversees and coordinates the CTL’s various programs and initiatives, facilitating cross-campus partnerships to provide support to new and experienced faculty and TAs. He draws on previous experience coordinating graduate student instructors in the English department, and leading public outreach initiatives including the Literature, Language, Culture Dialogue Series.