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Asynchronous presentations

  • Curriculum launch during remote instruction
  • Fairness visualization tools in machine learning courses
  • Hybrid contract grading for TAs
  • Make-up labs in undergrad courses
  • Reflective learning: Pairing the jigsaw method with learner created content

Presentation session 4

  • Collaborative approaches to decolonial teaching
  • Compassion as pedagogy
  • Cultivating creativity and engagement
  • Human-centered design for large courses
  • Research lab curriculum with tutorials
  • Supporting student agency at home
  • Using animated documentary film

Presentation session 3

  • Digital scholarship as community practice
  • From zine to online gallery
  • Gender responsive pedagogy
  • Hybrid learning in studio courses
  • Labor-based grading
  • Resilient course design

Presentation session 2

  • Integrating at-home research in labs
  • Intersectional and inclusive STEM learning
  • Play and communal celebration
  • Polyvocality through an Indigenous Studies lens
  • Promoting learning with student-produced lectures

Presentation session 1

  • Asset-based teaching
  • LinkedIn Learning in the classroom
  • Online introduction to library research
  • Using Robot Operating System (ROS) in remote learning
  • Using Zoom for experiential learning


“Not gonna let the elevator bring us down”: Strategies for Cultivating Collective Wellness
Ariana Cantu, lecturer, UW School of Social Work,